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Amati Global Investors sponsors The AniMotion Show

On 11th October 2012 the National Museum of Scotland is marking the end of its exhibition on Catherine the Great by hosting an event which combines music and art in a way that few will have seen before, which is called The AniMotion Show. AniMotion is an idea that has been developed by the Russian artist Maria Rud, whose painting combines the spiritual intensity of a Russian icon with the vibrancy of Chagall, and is seen by many as profoundly musical. In these events she paints "live" onto a glass screen from where the emerging image is projected onto a large screen. The painting then becomes like another voice in the musical performance. A collection of past performances can be seen online at The AniMotion Show at the museum will be the most ambitious and highest profile performance so far, involving the renowned Scottish percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie, the cellist Philip Sheppard, and the vocal consort Canty.

Amati Global Investors is pleased to announce its involvement as sponsor of this event, along with Balfour+ Manson Solicitors and Arts and Business Scotland (A&BS). Paul Jourdan, CEO of Amati Global Investors, comments

"I have known Maria for more than a decade, having first seen her work at an unforgettable concert of 16th Century vocal music performed by the Dunedin Consort for which her paintings were hung around Greyfriars Church in Edinburgh and brought to life with lighting during the singing. Her work has always come to life for me with music. She describes the process of performing to music like this: "The visual works reveal themselves to me. They are not the results of deliberation. With AniMotion, a visual narrative comes in response to a particular composition. The imagery is provoked by the music but it is not intended to illustrate it."

I am very pleased we can support this collaboration with Evelyn Glennie which I think will be a landmark showcase event for the idea of AniMotion, and provide a springboard for taking this to a much wider audience internationally. Evelyn Glennie is a musician for whom I have the highest regard, having followed her progress ever since she won the BBC Young Musician when I was a teenager, and then played alongside her on occasion in my days as a violinist. I'm really delighted that she has brought such enthusiasm to this project. Dame Evelyn herself has commented about the event, saying: "The AniMotion project is very exciting and pushes the boundaries of all the participants, including myself."

For further information on the event and tickets please visit:

The AniMotion Show - Image Painting credit Maria Rud, Photograph credit Jim Callaghan