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Unit Prices as at 07/05/2021
B Class: 1,656.65 p
A Class: 1,393.19 p

TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund

The TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund has been managed by Dr Paul Jourdan since 2000, David Stevenson since 2012 and Anna Macdonald since 2018. (Douglas Lawson co-managed the fund from 2009 - 2018) There are few UK funds with such a long and stable heritage, utilising the combined experience of an investment team with more than 65 years' knowledge of UK smaller companies. The performance of the Fund has been recognised in a number of awards and ratings, which generally compare the level of returns achieved with the volatility of those returns.

Structured as an open ended investment company ('OEIC'), the Fund aims to provide medium to long term capital growth through investment in a diversified portfolio of UK smaller companies. It is managed to comply with the IA sector classification, which requires that 80% of the portfolio is invested in the bottom 10% by value of listed companies domiciled in the UK, involving a target universe ranging from companies quoted on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") to those listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

The Fund's current portfolio has significant exposure to companies capitalised at £1bn and below - a segment of the UK market populated by poorly researched stocks at attractive valuations, offering the greatest opportunities for active investment management.

The Fund's benchmark is the Numis Smaller Companies Index (including AIM, excluding investment companies). All units are accumulation, with any income arising from the Fund reinvested. The stocks comprising the Index are aligned with the Fund's objectives, and on that basis the Index is considered an appropriate performance comparator for the Fund. Please note that the Fund is not constrained by or managed to the Index.

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