Corporate History

(Previously named Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT plc)

  • Amati VCT 2 was launched 30 July 2004 as the Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT plc.
  • On 11th February 2011 the Board of Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT plc announced the formal appointment of Amati Global Investors as the new fund manager and the name changed to Amati VCT 2 plc.
  • Following a significant amount of portfolio restructuring, the proposal to merge with ViCTory VCT via a scheme of arrangement was put to shareholders in October 2011 and was well supported.Original Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT holders, who then held shares in the former Amati VCT 2, received 0.621926751 shares in ViCTory VCT for each share they held previously, with the resultant holding being round down to the nearest whole share. Thus if you held 10,000 shares in Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT, you would then been issued with 6,219 shares in ViCTory VCT.
  • ViCTory VCT then changed its name to Amati VCT 2, and in the reconstruction of the share capital each shareholder received 0.4220842 ordinary shares for each share held previously with holdings rounded down to the nearest whole share, such that the NAV per share rose from 42.06p to 99.8p and at the time marking the effective relaunch of the company. Thus if you held 10,000 shares in ViCTory VCT you would have held 4,220 shares after this. If you had started with 10,000 Invesco Perpetual AiM VCT shares, and then had 6,219 ViCTory shares, you would have held 2,624 shares in Amati VCT 2 after this reconstruction.
  • Following the merger with Amati VCT on 4 May 2018, Amati VCT 2 changed its name to Amati AIM VCT.