Corporate History

(previously named Noble AIM VCT plc and First State AIM VCT)

  • Amati VCT was launched in 2005 as the First State AIM VCT by Dr Paul Jourdan, whilst at First State Investment Management (UK) Limited.
  • This VCT moved with Dr Jourdan to Noble Fund Managers in 2007 and the name changed to Noble AIM VCT.
  • On 17th October 2008 Noble AIM VCT acquired Noble Income and Growth VCT via a scheme of arrangement. For each share in Noble Income and Growth VCT shareholders received 0.646 shares in Noble AIM VCT.
  • Noble Income and Growth VCT was launched in March 2002 as T&G AIM VCT, which also issued “C” shares on 8 October 2003. The Company changed its name to Noble Income and Growth VCT on 22 June 2005, and the “C” shares were converted to ordinary shares on 21 December 2005 with a conversion ratio of 1.136 ordinary shares per “C” share.
  • Following the management team taking over Noble Fund Managers in 2010 the VCT changed its name to Amati VCT at its AGM on 2 July 2010
  • On 4 May 2018, Amati VCT merged with Amati VCT 2 which was then renamed Amati AIM VCT. Amati VCT shareholders received 0.598787 shares in Amati VCT 2 for each share they held previously, with the resultant holding rounded down to the nearest whole share. Thus if you held 10,000 shares in Amati VCT, you would have been issued 5,987 shares in Amati AIM VCT.