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13/12/2019Following the General Election result, Interactive Investor tip TB Amati as an investment option that is likely to do well.
12/12/2019Managers of Wealth Europe report on TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund's 21st Birthday.
06/12/2019What Investment highlight Amati AIM VCT as one of the VCT recommendations for investing in 2020.
30/11/2019Amati AIM VCT highlighted in The Herald's article - "Jason Hollands: How to cut your income tax bill, no matter who wins the General Election"
29/11/2019Paul Jourdan speaks to Octo Members on his switch from professional violinist to fund manager, why he invests in smaller companies, and addresses the next generation of companies yet to list.
26/11/2019"Does Technical Analysis Work?" Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Morningstar on his views on chartism.
22/11/2019TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Funds listed as the third top performing fund under almost a decade of a Conservative government reports This is Money
21/11/2019Bestinvest award the Amati AIM VCT Prospectus Offer 2019/20 & 2020/21 a five-star rating
20/11/2019Interactive Investor interview Paul Jourdan on the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund.
20/11/2019Paul Jourdan speaks to FE Trustnet on how he is balancing risk following amid a challenging year for the sector.
15/11/2019TB Amati highlighted as an investment idea in Interactive Investor's UK General Election article.
12/11/2019What Investment report on launch of Amati AIM VCT Prospectus Offer 2019/20 & 2020/21
05/11/2019TB Amati mentioned in The Mail on Sunday's article on How Investors can make money from the General Election
04/11/2019TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund listed as one of the top performers in October in Morningstar's article
04/11/2019"How a former orchestral virtuoso became a UK small-cap top performer" - Paul Jourdan speaks to Investment Week on his fund management career
02/11/2019The Times highlight Paul Jourdan as one of the fund managers having success running their own funds
30/10/2019Morningstar highlight TB Amati as one of the Top UK Smaller Companies Funds from the Brexit vote.
29/10/2019TB Amati highlighted in Morningstar's article "Brexit Investment Strategies for Uncertain Times".
25/10/2019David Stevenson quoted in Financial Adviser's article "Should you invest in large or medium-sized companies?"
17/10/2019In Citywire's Podcast, Paul Jourdan discuss some of his best and worst investments over the last decade and offers some words of wisdom for budding young fund managers in what he describes to be a ‘hugely privileged’ job.
09/10/2019TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund features in Interactive Investor's Fund Spotlight
08/10/2019Morningstar highlight Amati AIM VCT's interim report
04/10/2019Paul Jourdan and David Stevenson top the list of fund managers with the longest run of Citywire AAA ratings reports Wealth Manager
25/09/2019Citywire report on Amati's appointment of Dr Gareth Blades as investment analyst.
19/09/2019"The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker...and the Commentator", a performance from Merryn Somerset Webb's sell-out show at the Edinburgh Fringe featuring Amati fund manager, Anna MacDonald
19/09/2019Shares Magazine highlight Dr Paul Jourdan and David Stevenson as top of the list of longest Citywire AAA-rated managers
18/09/2019TB Amati highlighted as one of the funds selected by private investor in Morningstar's Investor Views
15/09/2019Paul Jourdan quoted in FT's article "London stock market is ailing and it deserves the kiss of life"
29/07/2019TB Amati included in FE Trustnet's list of UK small cap funds with an average rolling five-year information ration of more than 0.5
25/07/2019TB Amati listed as one of the top performing small cap funds over the last three years in Citywire's article
02/07/2019Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in Professional Adviser's article on the FCA being urged to reform liquidity definition.
27/06/2019TB Amati highlighted as one of the seven top UK small cap funds since Brexit in Citywire's article
25/06/2019FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of the top performing UK equity funds three years after the Brexit vote.
24/06/2019The Insider report on Amati's statement on liquidity in open ended investment funds.
20/06/2019"Edinburgh fund manager secures independence through £750,000 deal" reports The Herald.
19/06/2019Citywire report that Fund boutique Amati Global Investors has cancelled Mattioli Woods' option to buy the business.
19/06/2019Edinburgh fund manager pays £750,000 to remain independent reports The Insider.
16/04/2019TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund one of only 24 funds to be included on BMO's Fundwatch consistent top performers reports Citywire
28/03/2019Paul Jourdan highlighted as one of Wealth Manager's 35 most popular fund managers in Q1.
20/03/2019Peter Brunt from Morningstar speaks about their recent review of TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund which has maintained its Bonze rating.
20/03/2019David Stevenson speaks to FE Trustnet on three UK stocks that are well placed for growth whatever happens with Brexit.
08/03/2019Portfolio Adviser highlight Anna Wilson one of the rising stars of asset management
07/03/2019TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund features in FE Trustnet Magazine's Fund In Focus
06/03/2019FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the UK funds with the strongest returns after 10 years of QE
05/03/2019TB Amati highlighted as one of the best performing funds over ten years of QE in Investment Week's article
21/02/2019David Stevenson offers his views in Shares Magazine's article "Can expensive shares ever offer good value"
01/02/2019FT Adviser highlights Amati's Warning Regarding Unsolicited Telephone Calls
01/02/2019FT Adviser reports on launch of Amati AIM VCT Top Up Offer
31/01/2019Shauna Bevan of RiverPeak Wealth highlights Amati Global Investors as one of her favourite boutiques in Investment Week's article
30/01/2019FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of the most consistent UK Smaller Companies funds of the decade
29/01/2019Paul Jourdan speaks to FE Trustnet on why 1972 was a key date for the best performing UK small-caps
28/01/2019Amati highlighted in Citywire's 5 shares the pros are buying and selling
14/01/2019TB Amati one of only 23 funds that were top quartile in each of the past three years reports FE Trustnet