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08/12/2020* Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in Morningstar's article "Why You Should Invest in Dynamic Companies".
26/11/2020Dr Paul Jourdan nominated for ESG Clarity's 2020 ESG Fund Managers of the Future
19/11/2020Citywire report on Amati planning to take a stake in HeiQ when the antiviral textiles group floats next month.
22/10/2020"Amati AIM VCT succeeds with over-allotment fundraise" reports Investment Week.
12/10/2020TB Amati listed as one of the funds outperforming their benchmark by the most over the past 10 years in FE Trustnet's article.
04/10/2020Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services highlights TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as a good place for investors to look for long-term value in This is Money's article.
01/10/2020Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Dr Paul Jordan, Anna Macdonald and Dr Gareth Blades about some of their favourite small UK companies on The Money Week's Podcast.
21/09/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) on 25 years of VCTs.
30/08/2020Gareth Blades, analyst at Amati Global Investors, speaks to This is Money on the current challenges of valuing healthcare companies
16/08/2020TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted in This is Money's article on small stocks
03/08/2020Citywire highlight TB Amati's addition to Hargreave Lansdown's Wealth Shortlist.
03/08/2020Hargreaves Lansdown has selected TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as the first addition to its new Wealth Shortlist reports Investment Week.
30/07/2020TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund recognised as leading the pack in performance in the UK Smaller Companies Asset Class by Interactive Investor.
24/07/2020David Stevenson quoted in Citywire's article on smaller companies raising funds during lockdown.
20/07/2020Paul Jourdan has hailed Synairgen's announcement of a positive trial of its COVID-19 drug as a 'truly fantastic' result that is 'better than anyone could have hoped for' reports Citywire.
22/06/2020Money Observer highlights TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Funds as one of the top five UK fund performers four years on from the Brexit vote.
22/06/2020FundCalibre managing director Darius McDermott highlights TB Amati as one of the funds best for tapping into the AIM market opportunities in Trustnet's article.
19/06/2020Anna Macdonald is interviewed by Citywire for their article "Top small cap investors use AIM edge to back UK Gaming".
19/06/2020Darius McDermott highlights TB Amati as one of his fund picks in Investment Week's article "The AIM market at 25: Successes, failures and new opportunities".
17/06/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on his top three picks from the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).
11/06/2020Managers of Wealth report on Amati's further sponsorship of ABC of Opera, winner of the 2019 Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs' Award.
10/06/2020Consumer stocks, repatriation flights and sea swims: Anna Macdonald speaks to ESG Clarity.
04/06/2020Dr Paul Joudan quoted in Money Observer's article "25 years of AIM: how the junior market has become less risky".
21/05/2020"Homeschooling is even harder than getting the kids home from Kenya!" Anna Macdonald speaks to Citywire.
12/05/2020Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of three funds to buy now for a UK bounceback.
12/05/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to FundCalibre on lockdown behaviours benefiting UK small-caps.
11/05/2020Amati AIM VCT latest fundraising has reached its targeted £25 million capacity reports Angel News.
05/05/2020Fundeye report on Amati AIM VCT.
04/05/2020* TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund one of the best performing funds in April 2020 reports Morningstar.
04/05/2020"We should not assume we will have a vaccine for this" Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Will Robins at Citywire.
30/04/2020Anna Macdonald speaks to Shares Magazine about the small caps Amati have been buying and selling.
26/04/2020The Sunday Times highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund.
24/04/2020Managers of Wealth report on Amati's recent TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund Portfolio Update webinar.
23/04/2020"Don't write off UK small caps" Darius McDermott highlights TB Amati in his article for Portfolio Adviser
22/04/2020"What is the right way to approach executive pay during the coronavirus crisis?" Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Natalie Kenway in Portfolio Adviser's article.
22/04/2020Dr Paul Jourdan offers his views to ESG Clarity in their article "Executive pay: What is the right thing to do in times of crisis?".
21/04/2020"This particular crisis tends to favour medical and technology companies", Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire
18/04/2020"The healthcare sector is facing the equivalent of a very accelerated dotcom boom" Amati CEO, Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to The Mail on Sunday
14/04/2020Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in ESG Clarity's article "Shining a light on companies helping society move through covid19 crisis - part two"
01/04/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Fundeye on portfolio companies Byotrol, Tristel and Synairgen.
31/03/2020FE Trustnet list TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the best performing funds over 3 years in the recovery from the financial crisis.
31/03/2020Amati backs COVID-19 in clinical trial with investment in Synairgen reports Managers of Wealth.
27/03/2020FundCalibre award TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund an Elite Rating.
27/03/2020Portfolio Adviser report on TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund being awarded a FundCalibre Elite Rating.
25/03/2020Morningstar highlight TB Amati as a good long term performing fund.
25/03/2020Interactive Investor publish Dr Paul Jourdan's comments on the current climate.
11/03/2020Amati AIM VCT highlighted in Money Observer's article "Why VCTs are retaining their pulling power".
04/03/2020FE Trustnet list TB Amati as the third most consistent fund in the UK small cap sector over the past ten years.
03/03/2020Managers of Wealth report on Amati's appointment of Colin Thomson as Sales Director.
28/02/2020UK equities: What the 'first stage of Brexit clarity' means for investors - Anna Macdonald speaks to Investment Week.
27/02/2020Moneywise highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of twenty funds to add value.
27/02/2020What Investment highlight Amati AIM VCT as one of the VCT recommendations ahead of the tax year end.
24/02/2020TB Amati highlighted in Citywire's article "IFAs search for balance in clients' climate crisis portfolios".
20/02/2020Why I'm Backing UK Smaller Companies" Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Morningstar.
20/02/2020David Stevenson speaks to FE Trustnet on three stocks that Amati is using to benefit from the growing appetite for alternative assets.
20/02/2020"The sure sign we've found a winning AIM stock" Amati fund manager, David Stevenson speaks to FE Trustnet.
18/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan offers his views in Morningstar's article "Is Brexit an Opportunity for VCTs?"
14/02/2020Anna Macdonald is interviewed by Investors Chronicle on UK equities.
12/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Money Observer on potential changes to the IHT exemption on AIM shares.
10/02/2020FT Adviser highlight Dr Paul Jourdan's comments on the recent decline in LSE listings.
10/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in Forbes' article "The Amazing Shrinking Markets".
10/02/2020FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of the UK Smaller Companies funds most attracting flows in December 2019.
07/02/2020"How VCT investments are pulling their weight in post-Brexit Britain" - Watch the video of the AIC's recent VCT media roundtable that Dr Paul Jourdan recently participated in.
07/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in Money Observer on the flows into UK equity funds in the weeks leading up to the general election.
07/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan offers his views in Citywire's article "2020: A Defining Year for Tech".
06/02/2020Anna Macdonald quoted in Citywire's article on Fevertree.
04/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on The Alternative Investment Market (AIM).
04/02/2020Portfolio Adviser report on Amati Global Investor's growth in assets.
03/02/2020Dr Paul Jourdan discusses recent investment activity, the effect of Brexit on smaller companies and their overall outlook for the sector at the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) VCT media roundtable.
31/01/2020TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund the 6th best performing fund of the millennium reports FE Trustnet
20/01/2020TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund one of the best performing funds over five years on Interactive Investor's Super 60 rated list.
13/01/2020Amati AIM VCT highlighted in The Telegraph's article "Tax-savvy investors set to break venture capital trust sales record"
09/01/2020Citywire reports on the top funds in December 2019 with TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund in eighth position.
08/01/2020FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the best performing funds of the 2010s.
06/01/2020TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund one of the top performing funds in December 2019 reports Fundeye.
06/01/2020Money Observer list TB Amati as one of the top 10 most popular investment funds in December 2019.
06/01/2020FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of 3 top rated UK Smaller Companies funds that investors can hold together without worrying about increasing concentration risk.
02/01/2020Citywire speak to Amati on the successful performance of TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund.