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06/01/2022Ben Yearsley of Shore Financial Planning, highlights the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund in This is Money's article on 'electrifying your portfolio by going green.'
14/12/2021In FundEyeNews, David Stevenson highlights how 'Amati has come a long way in just a few years and is a firm with wind in its sails.'
13/12/2021"Europe has been quite slow recognising the strategic importance of mining and was in danger of being caught out on supply of raw materials," Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Express.
02/12/2021"Investing in UK life sciences can be incredibly rewarding but drug development is inherently risk and doing your own research is key to making a curative return," Dr Paul Jourdan and Dr Gareth Blades speak to WhatInvestment.
25/11/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted in FE Trustnet as one of the best performers in the IA UK Smaller Companies Sector over the past decade.
17/11/2021"The best way to make money in this sector is to find value in companies that others have missed," Metals Fund Manager, Georges Lequime speaks to FE Trustnet.
08/11/2021'Mining should not be a dirty word,' Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire.
05/11/2021"The demand for more specialist metals will continue to grow alongside the transition to a lower carbon world," Amati Fund Manager, Mark Smith speaks to Portfolio Adviser.
02/11/2021FE Trustnet lists the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund as one of the highest performing funds in October.
20/10/2021IC podcast with Dr Paul Jourdan: Overview of Amati funds, AIM market, IPOs, ESG & more.
13/10/2021Anna Macdonald discussed the problems at Felixstowe and global SupplyChain disruption in the run-up to Christmas - as highlighted by Maersk and Apple on the BBC World Business Report
11/10/2021Anna Macdonald spoke on Radio 4 Today Programme, on good news for UK employees of LibertySteel on Gupta's #GFG refinancing following the collapse of #Greensill. She also discussed high energy prices in the UK, Far East and continued disruption at US container ports leading to supply-led inflation.
11/10/2021Anna Macdonald spoke to Felicity Hannah on #WakeUpToMoney, on good news for UK employees of Liberty Steel; inflation highlighted by Kraft Heinz CEO at the weekend and the lack so far of a joined-up Kwarteng/Sunak approach to supporting energy intensive industries.
05/10/2021Amati AIM VCT mentioned in the AIC's report on VCTs' vital role supporting small businesses through the pandemic.
21/09/2021It’s an exciting sector, because it’s so volatile, but you can easily be caught out. “ Amati Fund Manager Georges Lequime speaks to FE Trustnet
29/08/2021In the Sunday Times, Square Mile's head of research John Monaghan, highlights Amati Global Investors as one of the strongest boutique fund managers in the market.
26/08/2021'The commodities market is being driven by themes rather than fundamentals,' Mark Smith speaks to Portfolio Adviser.
16/08/2021FT Adviser report that the 'speedy fundraise' by the Amati AIM VCT this month is evidence of the growing interest in venture capital trusts.
11/08/2021'Supply is tight,' Georges Lequime speaks to Trustnet on why there may not be enough new mining projects to meet the world's future copper needs.
05/08/2021'Amati AIM VCT raised its £40m fundraising target in just four working days, making it possibly the quickest fund raise for a large VCT ever,' reports IFA Magazine.
27/07/2021Listen to Amati Fund Manager, Anna Macdonald on Wake Up to Money
12/07/2021Amati CEO, Dr Paul Jourdan offers an insight into VCTs and the Amati AIM VCT on Asset TV.
29/06/2021‘The combined entity could achieve peak sales of $1bn,’ Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on the potential in Amryt Pharma takeover of Chiasma.
22/06/2021"The rapid development of electric vehicles will characterise the commodity sector during this period from previous super cycles," Georges Lequime speaks to Investment Week.
03/06/2021Mark Smith speaks to Shares Magazine on the mining sector and the outlook for different metals.
02/06/2021Ben Yearsley of Fairview Investing highlights the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund in the Times article on 'What should investors do through a summer of inflation?'
02/06/2021TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund listed as one of the best performing funds in May 2021 in FE Trustnet's article.
25/05/2021* TB Amati UK Smaller Companies mentioned as a 'top UK small-cap fund held by fund buyers' in Citywire.
24/05/2021Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Trustnet on 'how one biotech company was responsible for the UK's dotcom bubble.'
24/05/2021Mark Smith speaks to Interactive Investor on 'how to play and profit from the commodities boom.'
20/05/2021Laith Khalaf of AJ Bell highlights if investing in active funds, TB Amati UK Smaller Companies is one to invest in, in Trustnet Magazine p12-13.
18/05/2021Citywire highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies as a fund with high inflows between January and April 2021.
18/05/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies features in Hargreaves Lansdown's article on 'Investing in IPOs.'
12/05/2021'It is growing faster than its nearest rival and has even managed to benefit from Brexit,' Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Interactive Investor on Gear4Music.
12/05/2021Portfolio Adviser highlight TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund as one to watch.
08/05/2021'The past year has seen big pharma businesses work with smaller nimble biotech companies or research institutions to generate highly innovative products,' Dr Gareth Blades speaks to This is Money.
27/04/2021Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea Financial Services highlights TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund in Portfolio Adviser's article on "Why the UK small and mid-cap story is as strong as ever."
22/04/2021"Over the next 10-15 years there will be a major shift into cell and gene therapies, which can be completely curative," Dr Gareth Blades speaks to Citywire.
13/04/2021Laith Khalaf of AJ Bell highlights TB UK Smaller Companies Fund as a top ISA pick for 2021 in Citywire's article.
12/04/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund features in Portfolio Adviser's 'Top-ranked UK Smaller Companies 3 Year Performance' table.
06/04/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund quoted as a 'High Performer' in This is Money article on AIM.
05/04/2021Anna MacDonald quoted in Investment Week’s article on ‘Deliveroo Flop.’
21/03/2021The Sunday Times highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the top ten performers since ISAs were introduced in April 1999.
15/03/2021'As the economy starts accelerating there will be a pick-up in demand for base metals,' Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to This is Money regarding the launch of the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund.
11/03/2021WealthBriefing report on the launch of TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund.
10/03/2021Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on stock switch from Centamin to Hochschild Mining.
08/03/2021BBC quote Amati fund manager, Anna Macdonald on their article on Deliveroo.
08/03/2021Interactive Investors highlight Anna Macdonald as one of the female fund managers on their Super 60 rated list
04/03/2021*What does the rise in corporation tax mean for small cap funds? Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire.
27/02/2021"The launch of the Amati Global Investors Strategic Metals Fund offers long-term capital growth," reports What Investment.
26/02/2021John Stepek talks to Dr Paul Jourdan about investing in metals needed for post-oil electrified work on The Money Weeks Podcast.
25/02/2021“Healthcare will be more important in the next decade than it was going into the pandemic,” Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to What Investment.
24/02/2021*"Amati launches strategic metals fund for top resources team" reports Citywire.
23/02/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted in Interactive Investor as a potential fund opportunity.
23/02/2021*"Amati AIM VCT Top-Up Offer sells out in 90 minutes," highlights Managers of Wealth.
12/02/2021Square Mile talk with Dr Paul Jourdan
08/02/2021'New technologies are going to continue to make a huge impact over the coming decade', Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to AIC.
08/02/2021*Dr Paul Jourdan offers his views to Citywire on vaccines, HeiQ and ESG
05/02/2021Financial Times quote Dr Paul Jourdan on copper mining stock Atalaya.
01/02/2021TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted in Investment Week's article on the AIM boom
19/01/2021*Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on ESG credentials.
14/01/2021"Antivax, risk & regulatory revolution" - Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to New Model Adviser in this healthcare special podcast.
13/01/2021Trustnet list TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the top-performing UK funds since the Brexit vote.
11/01/2021Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Investment Week for their article "Corporate responsibility to be key focus for ESG investors in 2021"
09/01/2021Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in This is Money's article in relation to the company Oxford Biomedica
04/01/2021*TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted as one of the top five best performers in December 2020, reports Morningstar.