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26/02/2024Mikhail Zverev and Graeme Bencke speak with Hannah Williford in Portfolio Adviser article, 'Amati: Zverev and Bencke on innovation frontiers and the risks of ‘falling in love with science’'.
26/02/2024'For This Innovation-Focused Fund Manager, Defence Is On The Menu', Graeme Bencke is quoted in WealthBriefing article by Tom Burroughes.
14/02/2024"We see a lot of dissatisfaction among management of UK companies that are continuing to grow and where their share prices just don't reflect that," David Stevenson speaks to Naomi Rovnick for Reuters article 'In latest snub to London, travel firm TUI flies to Frankfurt'.
14/02/2024David Stevenson is quoted in Reuters article 'Looming election puts battered British markets back in the spotlight'.
07/02/2024“One of the benefits of investing in healthcare is the very broad opportunity set that is available, depending on your risk appetite. It’s a sector that offers exposure to steadier large-cap dividend payers as well as the riskier leading edge of therapeutic innovation at the lower end of the market cap scale.” Dr Gareth Blades speaks with Jo Groves in Forbes Advisor article 'How To Invest In Healthcare'.
23/01/2024'Will healthcare overtake AI as the top investment theme in 2024?' Dr Gareth Blades speaks with Portfolio Advisor about the investment opportunity presented by the new wave of obesity drugs.
18/01/2024Dr Paul Jourdan is quoted in January 2024 edition of the Portfolio Adviser Magazine (p. 22).
16/01/2024The WS Amati UK Listed Smaller Companies Fund is mentioned in Portfolio Adviser article 'Advisers split between capital accumulation and income'.
16/01/2024The WS Amati UK Listed Smaller Companies Fund is mentioned in FT Adviser article 'Square Mile: Capital growth funds tussle with income funds for advisers’ attention'.
15/01/2024The WS Amati Strategic Metals fund is described as "a high conviction portfolio with an experienced management team who use their global network of CEOs, brokers, commodity traders, mining engineers and geologists to unearth the best opportunities in the sector." in Your Money Article 'The beginning of a New Year is often an opportunity for shoppers who are ready for some retail therapy courtesy of the January (investment) sales.'
05/01/2024'How to make a mint from the next mining boom'. Mark Smith is quoted in MoneyWeek article by Matthew Partridge.