Amati Global Investors is pleased to announce a Founders’ share class on the WS Amati Global Innovation Fund.

Investing in the pioneers, enablers, and adopters of innovation across global sectors, the Fund focuses on technology, healthcare and industrials. The investment team’s specialist approach is combined with a valuation discipline and a focus on profitability and cash generation, which the managers see as essential in the current economic environment. The Fund has delivered a consistently high active share of 98-99% since launch, investing in opportunities beyond the ubiquitous ‘Magnificent 7’ technology mega caps.

Launched in May 2022, Co-Managers Mikhail Zverev and Graeme Bencke have delivered strong absolute performance. The Fund is top quartile over a one-year time horizon, significantly outperforming its global peer group from the outset.

Cumulative Performance %6m1 yearSince fully funded
Since inception
Peer Group**12.1615.5021.1622.43
Peer Group Quartile1122

Source: Amati as at 31 May 2024
*MSCI ACWI Index (GBP), Total Return.
** IA Global (GBP), Total Return

(Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance)

Commenting on the initiative, Head of Sales and Marketing, Rachel Le Derf said, "Mikhail and Graeme had delivered top quartile performance in their previous firms. They wanted to fully embed the innovation investment process and establish a performance track record here at Amati, and having delivered such strong performance, we are ready to scale the Fund and excited about the early signs of support we are receiving.

“With that in mind we will be introducing a new ‘C’ share class towards the end of June, with a minimum initial investment of £1 million. The share class capacity will be capped, with those invested before the cap is reached having access in perpetuity. We are optimistic that we will see a meaningful pick-up in support.”

· AMC 40 bps / research fee 10bps

· OCF Capped at 50 bps

· B share class investors will have an option to access C share class subject to minimum investment amount and remaining capacity