Amati Global Investors is delighted to announce its partnership with “Luminescence” in the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival at St Giles’ Cathedral.  Internationally acclaimed artists Maria Rud and Tommy Smith bring spontaneous live art and saxophone music to the Edinburgh Fringe with Luminescence, which will run in St Giles’ Cathedral from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th August.

Luminescence will develop in front of the audience as artist and musician respond to each other’s ideas and interact with the architecture and acoustics of this twelfth century cathedral.

“Images come to me with music,” says Rud, who has previously collaborated with percussion virtuoso Evelyn Glennie and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. “It is not a single image or a collection of images, but a live “storyboard” in which music plays the role of a script, and in this case the script unfolds as Tommy and I converse through our respective media”

“The acoustics are magical and being in this building with such fantastic architecture and such a long history – it celebrates its 900th anniversary in 2024 – you can really feel the atmosphere, and I think the audience will feel it, too.