Amati AIM VCT: Equity Development’s Interview with Dr Paul Jourdan

07 September 2020

Interview conducted by Equity Developments with Dr Paul Jourdan on 7 September 2020. The recording is just under 40 minutes and so have listed below key areas which may be of interest if time is an issue.

At 02.05 mins : Reactions in lockdown and thereafter

At 04.40 mins : Amati approach to VCT management

At 11.30 mins : Sectors where creative ideas are most found

At 12.21 mins : Advances in Healthcare technology

At 15.20 mins : Supporting growth companies with capital

At 16.50 mins : Outlook for more IPOs and importance of AIM

At 18.35 mins : Summary of Polarean Imaging

At 24.05 mins : Impact of surge in money supply

At 28.45 mins : Eventual need to deal with QE consequences

At 33.10 mins : Why small companies can flourish in the current environment