Amati VCTs invest in Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG)

12 May 2015

Amati Global Investors is pleased to announce its investment earlier this year in Premier Technical Services Group. PTSG listed on AIM in February 2015, raising £5m of new money, £875,000 of which came from Amati VCTs.

PTSG is a leading UK-based provider of access and safety services, specialising in the design, installation and testing of lightning-protection and electrical systems and high-level cleaning.

The company operates in regulated markets, where demand is often non-discretionary and driven by annual inspection and insurance requirements. Customers are a diverse range of corporates and facilities managers ("FMs") in the UK. PTSG has leadership in a number of areas, but with significant scope for expansion in highly fragmented markets. Over 90% of customers currently take only one service, which offers cross-selling opportunities, and PTSG has nationwide coverage giving it a competitive advantage over regionally focused competitors.

In addition to the organic potential, the company also has an extensive acquisition track record, where its tight operational management has achieved strong synergies, and this will continue to be a feature of the future growth strategy. The shares have performed well since IPO, and the company's maiden results have confirmed strong growth, continuing the roughly equal split between organic and acquisition drivers.

Paul Teasdale (CEO) says "PTSG is pleased to have Amati as one of our cornerstone investors and we look forward to having a fruitful relationship with them going forward."