An overview of the battery market

An overview of the battery market

17 February 2022

By Mark Smith

The TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund has 41% portfolio exposure to battery metals, below is the price performance of the majority of those, rare earths and graphite have similar price charts.

  • The key takeaway is these markets are now SUPPLY driven not demand driven and there is a real squeeze in these metal markets.

  • The last time we saw evidence of supply driven metal markets were the platinum group metals back in 2006 resulting in 3 years of extreme price growth; the difference here is there is no real substitution of battery metals, just a change in the chemistries in the short to medium term.


Source: Asian Metal

The geographical supply of battery metals (especially Lithium) is expanding from the incumbent areas of Australia, China and Latin America to North America, Africa and Europe.

The Fund has invested in battery metal developers and near-term producers specifically in North America, Africa and Europe. 

(Brazil, Ghana/Cote Ivoire, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Tanzania & Canada)

Source: Canaccord Genuity

China has been busy protecting its EV franchise
14 M&A deals were done in 2021 - 8 by China

Source: Company reports (Canaccord Genuity)

The TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund is well positioned for further M&A - why?  

  • We have invested in companies from the emerging supply regions of the world with strategic deposits and no Chinese investment or JVs at this stage – well nearly all, Peak Rare Earths in Tanzania has just had 19.9% interest acquired by Shenghe Resources for a 24.5% premium to market. We own Peak at 3% of the fund.

There is further room to grow: 

  • The market is pricing in $12,844/t chemical lithium in the producers vs. Spot of $56,000/t.

  • The market is pricing in $893/t spodumene (6% Li) versus spot of $2,700/t.

The 3 legs to the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund stool remain intact: 

  1. Financial analysis and stock picking the resource equities in small and mid-cap. 

  2. Development and drill bit discovery from our mining and geological experience.

  3. M&A.

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