Dr Paul Jourdan wins Best UK Smaller Companies FE Alpha Manager 2018

18 May 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dr Paul Jourdan has won Best UK Smaller Companies FE Alpha Manager Award 2018. Only the top 10% of the managers are FE Alpha rated and the best among them win these coveted awards each year

This year's winners were drawn from a shortlist of more than 70 of the 198 FE Alpha Managers in total. The winners are determined by narrowing down the full range FE Alpha-rated managers to a list of the highest-scoring managers on a number of metrics. Once this new list has been compiled the team then used qualitative analysis to select the brightest stars.

Charles Younes, research manager at FE, said: "This year's award winners have combined consistent performance throughout their career with phenomenal outperformance over the past year in their respective categories. This is an incredible achievement in the face of unpredictable markets, rising yields and enhanced competition from active but also passive investors."

Neil Bradford, chief executive of FE, added: "The FE Alpha Manager awards are a celebration of the industry's best-rated fund managers. They are recognition of a manager's ability to create risk-adjusted alpha, outperformance in both rising and falling markets and of those who consistently beat their sector peers."

Dr Paul Jourdan of Amati's reaction to the award:"FE Analytics is a widely respected fund research company, and their Alpha Manager designation is much coveted by fund managers. Amati's funds are managed with a team approach, bringing together a number of fund managers who each have long experience in their own right, and who can then specialise in certain sectors of the market. This has been key to the performance we have delivered over the last five years. We are also supported by a talented and dedicated group of people who ensure that investors in the funds experience the best levels of service that we can provide. So this award very much belongs to the whole team at Amati, and we are delighted with the recognition it brings."