PIWORLD interview with Paul Jourdan: Markets, Macro & Opportunities

23 July 2021

Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to PIWORLD on Markets, Macro & Opportunities:

01:12 Paul’s view on Covid-19 and where we’re headed from here.

04:17 What’s actions has Paul taken with his funds to plan for today’s threats

06:35 Dunelm (DNLM)

07:15 Has CV19 increased the attraction of Biotech and Meditech? What companies in the sector is Paul most excited about?

09:54 Polarean Imaging (POLX)

13:12 Renalytix (RENX)

15:43 Current valuations

18:17 Do you feel any companies in the funds are a likely potential bid candidate?

20:33 Grainger (GRI)

21:55 Inflation, monetarism (Professor Tim Congdon: and QE.

29:10 Why did Amati launch the Strategic Metals Fund?

35:24 What company are you most excited by? Saietta (SED)

44:19 What draws you to IPOs? And which do you particularly like?

45:33 Victorian Plumbing (VIC)

48:39 AlphaWave Ip (AWE)