TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund announced as a finalist at the Money Observer Fund Awards 2019

03 June 2019

We are delighted to announce that TB Amati has been shortlisted as a finalist in the UK Smaller Companies category at the annual Money Observer Fund Awards 2019.

Funds are ranked from best to worst across two main measures. First, an overall average is calculated by weighting the first and oldest discrete year with 20% (to 31 March 2017), second discrete year with 30% (to 31 March 2018), third most recent discrete year with 40% (to 31 March 2019) and the three-year total return with 10%. Second, risk-adjusted returns are analysed over three years to 31 March 2019, as defined by the Sharpe ratio. This measure calculates the level of a fund’s return over and above the return of a notional risk-free investment (in this case the ICE GBP Libor 1 Month index). The difference in returns is then divided by the fund’s standard deviation – its volatility, or risk measurement.

Contenders are then filtered to include only those funds which maintained themselves in one of the top three quartiles in their sector for each of the last three years across the following measures:

  • three discrete annual periods of one-year risk-adjusted returns, as per Sharpe ratio.
  • three discrete annual periods of relative performance versus the fund’s IA sector.

This filters out weak performance, either in terms of weak risk-adjusted returns or weak returns relative to the fund’s sector.

Winners will be announced on 27 June 2019.

For further details on the awards, please visit: