Amati in the press
2015 Press Coverage

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Date Description
09/12/2015 Douglas Lawson discusses with "What Investment" some of the best UK Smaller Companies to invest in for 2016.
30/11/2015 Should investors fear a Brexit from the EU? Paul Jourdan explains why he believes investors should in Investment Week's Big Question
15/10/2015 David Stevenson explains on Charles Stanley Direct why he feels Smaller Companies is a good place to be in a low growth world
14/10/2015 We Should AIM Higher says Douglas Lawson, interview in EIS Magazine Yearbook: Reference Guide to Tax Efficient Vehicles
09/10/2015 Paul Jourdan offers his view on IG Group being a financial stock with potential in Investment Week's Big Question
06/10/2015 Paul Jourdan quoted in The Wall Street Journal * on Hugs & High Fashion at Ted Baker
14/05/2015 Trustnet higlight TB Amati being one of two funds showing positive returns in 55 months
31/03/2015 Investment Week comment on the launch of Amati AIM IHT Portfolio Service