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2022 Press Coverage

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19/05/2022 Amati Fund Manager, Mikhail Zverev speaks to Citywire in the article 'The innovation bubble has burst: now is the big opportunity.' He states "Innovation will always remain an opportunity for global equity investors.”
09/05/2022 'The TB Amati Strategic Innovation Fund, a sub-fund of TB Amati Investment Funds, will focus on high growth and high value opportunities,' reports Funds Europe.
09/05/2022 'A Global Equities Fund is a natural extension to Amati's product offering,' Strategic Innovation Fund Manager, Mikhail Zverev, speaks to Portfolio Adviser on new fund launch.
06/05/2022 'Our edge comes from finding the companies within a particular innovation frontier that are the best positioned to benefit from innovation..they tend not to be the mega-caps,' Strategic Innovation Fund Manager, Bencke, speaks to MoneyMarketing.
06/05/2022 'Amati Global Investors has announced the launch of a strategic innovation fund, focussing on global mid-caps,' Zverev, Bencke and Blades speak to FTAdviser.
06/05/2022 'The Amati Strategic Innovation Fund is launching on 23rd May and will invest in a high conviction portfolio of 30-50 global companies viewed as pioneers, enablers and adopters of innovation,' Robin Amos Citywire Wealth Manager speaks to the fund managers.
06/05/2022 'The fund will adopt a broader, more balanced approach to innovation investing - not simply focsuing on high growth opportunities,' Tb Amati Strategic Innovation Fund launch is mentioned in Rankiapro.
06/05/2022 'The innovation opportunity is granular, company specific, and best discovered from the bottom up,' Amati fund manager, Mikhail Zverev speaks to fundtruffle on the launch of the Amati Strategic Innovation Fund.
05/05/2022 'Amati Global Investors' new Strategic Innovation fund promises to stay away from 'hyper growth stocks,' Investment Week speaks to the strategic innovation fund managers.
03/05/2022 Amati names Graeme Bencke as fund manager for global equities strategy in Investment Week article.
29/04/2022 'Notflix - how consumer behaviour has shifted,' Amati Fund Manager, Anna Macdonald, speaks to Citywire on lockdown investment winners.
24/04/2022 '2021 was such a strong year for UK IPOs that it was a tough act to follow,' Amat Fund Manager, Scott McKenzie speaks to Trustnet on 'why the UK is going through an IPO famine in 2022.'
20/04/2022 'The transition from fossil fuels to renewables will take some time - you can't just turn off oil and gas,' Amati fund manager, David Stevenson speaks to Portfolio Adviser.
19/04/2022 'The transition from fossil fuels to renewables will take some time - you can't just turn off oil and gas,' Amati fund manager, David Stevenson speaks to
22/04/2022 'The fund is likely to perform well for some time as the transition to clean energy drives up the value of nickel, copper and lithium,' Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea Financial Services highlights the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund in Trustnet article on 'the best funds to make the most of the commodities spike.'
19/04/2022 'Investing in construction whilst reducing our carbon footprint,' Scott McKenzie speaks to WhatInvestment.
08/04/2022 'One of the newer kids on the block is Amati Global Investors, a well regarded fund manager. It offers an aim-focused VCT, IHT fund, a UK Smaller Companies Fund and has recently launched a strategic metals fund,' Chritopher Akers at Investor Chronicle.
08/04/2022 "You need to be able to characterise what those naturally occurring substances do, what the desired effect is, and why it is better than what is currently available, before you can improve your understanding, and design specific more user-friendly derivatives of those drugs," Dr Gareth Blades speaks to Investment Week on 'Psychedelic Therapy.'
05/04/2022 TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund highlighted as a top performer for Q1 2022 in Portfolio Adviser.
30/03/2022 Amati Fund Manager, Anna Macdonald explains 'how a team-based approach gives Amati Global Investors an edge' in an Edison TV exclusive interview.
28/03/2022 Georges Lequime speaks to Trustnet on the recent price rallies in commodities.
21/03/2022 'There's probably going to be a crossover between the level of revenue generated by gaming and the whole TV ecosystem over the next year or two,' Anna MacDonald speaks to Trustnet on the subject 'Are video games the future of media?'
21/03/2022 'It is irresponsible for ESG and sustainable funds to choose not to invest in oil and gas companies at a time when the world is still reliant on fossil fuels,' Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire.
02/03/2022 “It’s clear Europe has been neglecting its energy security and that wind and solar generation can’t possibly replace the exposure to Russian gas anytime soon,” Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to ESG Investor on Europe's gas dependency.
27/02/2022 The TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund highlighted as a satellite holding by Interactive Investor in The Times article on paying for university fees.
23/02/2022 The Amati AIM VCT highlighted in Trustnet's article 'VCT sales smash through the record as investors chase tax- efficient options.'
22/02/2022 The Amati AIM VCT described as a 'popular VCT'  which completed its £25 million raise in five days in Money Marketing's article.
21/02/2022 'Amati Global Investors has raised £25 million for its AIM VCT in five days,' reports FT Adviser
19/02/2022 'There is going to be a role for all these metal miners in this new green decarbonised world,' Metals Fund Manager, Mark Smith speaks to the Financial Mail on Sunday
18/02/2022 Ben Yearsley of Shore Financial Planning suggests the TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund in This is Money's article on 'Should you join the White Gold rush?'
10/02/2022 'Were the UK Government to impose a tax on the global profits of the oil majors they could simply leave the jurisdiction of the UK,' Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Funds Europe.
10/02/2022 Dr Paul Jourdan 'has slammed frustratingly confused proposals for a windfall tax on oil giants to tackle the UK's energy crisis, but suggests targeted tax rises are part of the solution,' reports Citywire.
08/02/2022 Dr Paul Jourdan and Darius McDermott discuss the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund and the current opportunities in smaller companies.
08/02/2022 At 6.15am on BBC Radio 4, Dharshini D. and Anna Macdonald, CFA discussed BP's numbers out today and the dilemma of windfall taxes on Oil and Gas companies
07/02/2022 "What we hope we're delivering in the portfolio of companies is earnings growth," Dr Paul Jourdan speaks to Sally Hickey from FT Adviser on the Amati AIM VCT. 
27/01/2022 "Capital markets are clearly focused on the risks of ‘stagflation’ as inflation accelerates and growth moderates, but we are more of the view that we are currently seeing ‘growthflation," David Stevenson speaks to Portfolio Adviser on growth.
23/01/2022 Dr Gareth Blades highlights two pharma companies; Indivior and Amryt in Capital Com's article on 'how attractive is the heathcare sector for investors now.
13/01/2022 The TB Amati UK Smaller Companies fund is highlighted in Trustnet's article on 'the most-popular fund picks among best-buy lists in 2022.'
12/01/2022 FT Adviser reports,"Amati's AIM VCT which raised £40m in four and a half days." 
06/01/2022 The TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund is highlighted by Ben Yearsley of Shore Financial Planning, in This is Money's article on 'electrifying your portfolio by going green.'