Amati Global Investors
About Us


Who are Amati Global Investors?

Amati Global Investors was established in Edinburgh in 2010 with the objective of providing our investors with savings vehicles offering exposure to dynamic areas of the market. We aim to curate diverse portfolios of carefully analysed businesses capable of performing in a variety of market conditions. Independent and committed to active management, we have created an environment that enables our investment teams to work together effectively, focusing on making good investment decisions for our clients. Amati manage the Amati AIM VCT, Amati AIM IHT Portfolio Service, WS Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund, WS Amati Strategic Metals Fund and the recently launched WS Amati Strategic Innovation Fund.


Why Amati?

Andrea Amati made the earliest known violin, and his grandson Nicolo Amati was the first great violin maker. Nicolo is reported to be the teacher of Antonio Stradivari, the most famous maker in the history of the instrument. In choosing this name for the business we are setting our sights high to bring world-class craftsmanship, with the thoughtfulness, skill, care and attention to detail that this brings with it, to the ever shifting and hugely demanding job of constructing robust, responsive, and brilliantly performing portfolios of investments.

Just as every great instrument is made for the player, we seek to run funds that work for and fit our investors. We manage funds to take calculated risks and we will always be straight about what these risks are. Our ambition is not to be top of the performance tables over short term periods, because this is a recipe for poor risk management. A portfolio which is resonant like a great instrument will seek to fit the movement of the times, will be made up of the best available materials, and will be built to last.