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30/05/2023 Click here Discussion: Innovation in the life sciences is happening at an ever increasing pace. New tools and technology are revealing richer detail and more insights about health and disease than ever before. These insights translate into vast addressable markets. While still in its early stages, it will continue to have a large impact on clinical applications and patients. Join Dr Gareth Blades and Graeme Bencke who will discuss this changing landscape.
16/05/2023 Click here Discussion: 'Trends & opportunities across Global & UK Markets. Although most stock markets are in positive territory so far this year, the benign headline numbers mask some intriguing dynamics within. Join Amati fund managers Scott McKenzie and Graeme Bencke for the next Insights call as they discuss the underlying trends across both Global and UK markets, and some of the interesting investment opportunities they see.
02/05/2023 Click here Discussion: "Tesla results and the threat of electric vehicle price war". Tesla has been reducing the price of its electric vehicles in the recent months. In its results announcement, CEO Elon Musk suggested more price cuts are possible, causing the stock to fall 10% on the day. There is talk in the industry of EV price war, on the backdrop of softening macro environment. Amati fund managers Mikhail Zverev and Graeme Bencke will discuss the environment in the EV market and implications for carmakers and the supply chain. 
18/04/2023 Click here Discussion: Chat GPT has gained rapid popularity and wide publicity since launch. In our opinion, it represents a new chapter in AI and machine learning technology, with far reaching implications. Amati fund managers Mikhail Zverev and Graeme Bencke will discuss the progress so far and consider investment opportunities and risks arising from this technological change.
04/04/2023 Click here Discussion: The next few years will bring a sharp increase in the number and variety of autonomous machines in use across industry and commerce. From inspection drones to warehouse robots and from autonomous cleaners to self-guided tractors. Unmanned mobile machines are quickly becoming part of normal life and this is being made possible by the development of increasingly cheaper and more technically sophisticated sensors. Join David Stevenson and Graeme Bencke to discuss the developments in machine vision and some of the opportunities being uncovered in both our UK and Global funds.
21/03/2023 Click here Discussion: Dr Paul Jourdan and Mikhail Zverev will discuss the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in the US last week, regulatory response and the emerging contagion risks. Managers will consider possible implications for the bank depositors, banking sector stability and regulation and Amati portfolios and positioning.
07/03/2023 Click here Discussion: Lithium prices have soared almost 10 fold over the past two years as the growth lithium-ion battery production outpaced the available supply of the crucial raw material. With new supply coming on stream, both from existing mine expansions and from the first of a wave of new developments like Sigma Lithium in Brazil, and with Chinese EV demand having been weaker than expected in early 2023, the price is now easing. With EVs forming a significant plank of the initial global drive to lower carbon emissions, the rate at which demand rises will be linked to the success of EV roll out and all the implications this has for expanding power generation and grid capacity. New supply of lithium is highly dependent on the delivery of some large mining projects on time, something which is rare in the world of mining. In the mix, Western Governments want reduced dependence on China. This is a microcosm of many investment conundrums which arise from the challenge of energy transition. Graeme Bencke and Paul Jourdan discussed how this might play out over the new few years. 
21/02/2023 Click here Discussion: The energy market disruption caused by the invasion of Ukraine has caused many countries to rethink their energy strategy. The drive towards net zero provides an obvious preference for low carbon generation, but the need for consistent baseload power means that renewables cannot be the only answer. This need, combined with advancing technology is driving a return to nuclear energy. Georges Lequime and Graeme Bencke will discuss the changes taking place and the outlook for the key associated commodity, Uranium.
07/02/2023 Click here Discussion: US Department of Justice last week filed a lawsuit against Alphabet/Google, seeking to break up its advertising business. This continues the seismic shift in the digital advertising industry, driven by both regulatory pressures and technological changes. Two leading digital advertising platforms - Alphabet and Meta, bellwether "big tech" stocks - had also just reported eventful sets of results. Anna Macdonald and Mikhail Zverev discussed how this impacts digital advertising landscape, what are the risks, and where do we find mis-priced growth and innovation opportunities, in both our Global and UK funds.
24/01/2023 Click here Discussion on defence spending, following recent record high US defence spending bill and spending increases by other developed nations. We will look at how technological change and innovation is changing the defence industry, touching on areas such as drone warfare, advanced sensors and computing.


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