Amati Global Investors
Charitable Engagement

Amati Global Investors gives 10% of its net profits to UK registered charities  These are chosen by Amati's shareholders in proportion to the percentage that they own.

Since inception Amati shareholders have donated £684,351 to a number of worthy causes.

A selection of charities that Amati has supported since inception:

  • Alzheimer Research UK
  • Salvation Army
  • Clean Trade
  • International Justice Mission UK
  • The Judd School
  • Landmark Trust
  • East Lothian Special Needs Playschemes
  • Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust
  • MS Research Appeal
  • Anne Rowling Neuro Regeneration Clinic
  • British Lung Foundation
  • Breast Cancer Care
  • Sistema Scotland
  • The Claque Theatre
  • Salmon Youth Centre
  • Tree of Hope


  • Children 1st
  • Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home
  • LionHeart Mahogany Opera
  • Benedetti Foundation
  • Maggie’s Centres
  • Christian Aid
  • Steps to Hope
  • Musicians Benevolent Fund
  • Little Princess Trust
  • Hope and Homes
  • Feedback Madagascar
  • British Red Cross
  • MS Society
  • Edinburgh Direct Aid
  • Help for Heroes name just a few!

Mark & Georges' Amati Office to Office Charity Cycle Ride

Please see our Just Giving Donation page here

On 13 April 2022 we will be cycling from Monmouth to Edinburgh in 4 days for a great charity who place the bicycle at the heart of their charitable work.  The bicycle in Africa mobilises individuals, their families and entire communities.  Accessibility is one of the most important factors in the developing world. Access to schools, access to hospital, access to jobs, access to food.  A bicycle can break the vicious circle of poverty because it offers Africans the opportunity to climb (or cycle) out of poverty.  A bicycle offers an equal and fair access to income, health care, education and food for everyone.  And additionally a bicycle contributes to a more sustainable society and world as an environmental and human oriented means of transport.

We have the easy part of riding 635km, when compared to many individuals who have to overcome the daily struggle of distance to gain access to education, health care, and employment.

Every donation makes a difference and a contribution of £120 results in a brand new Buffalo Bicycle for a student fighting for their education. I hope you’ll join us in helping mobilise more students, teachers, and entrepreneurs.”

Georges & Mark