Amati Global Investors
ESG Considerations

Amati Global Investors (AGI) recognises that managing investments on behalf of clients involves taking into account a wide set of responsibilities in addition to seeking to maximise financial returns for investors.

Industry practice in this area has been evolving rapidly and AGI has been an active participant in seeking to define and strengthen its principles accordingly. This involves both integrating ESG considerations into the investment managers’ decision-making process as a matter of course, and also signing up to major external bodies who are leading influencers in the formation of industry best practice.

The consideration of ESG issues has always been implicit in our investment process, and at some level there is engagement on some aspect of ESG during almost every interaction with investee or potential investee companies.

The results of our engagement with companies varies and will depend on the amount of leverage we have in terms of our shareholding, but in any case we always try to make a difference, even if only at the margins. Importantly, we almost always engage directly with the company itself and our views are not mediated by the broker or by an institutional proxy voting adviser.

We believe that our investment process should take into account the broader social and environmental impact of the companies in which we invest.  

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